“Poor Tom” at Holiver Productions


A Word on the Song:
I was honestly surprised when this song won the popular vote — I wrote it a long time ago (I think I woke up from a dream where I was singing it) and always thought it was a little out there. But according to others, it comes across as timeless, upbeat, and as if it were penned by “Anonymous” 200 years ago.

A Word on the Crew:
I know Gabe through work here in Los Angeles, and a finer, funnier, more affable fiddlin’ fellow I don’t think you’ll ever meet, at least not with red hair. One of the most musically intelligent people I’ve met in a while, Gabe is a consummate improviser, reader, listener, and performer, and has as much classical training as he does practice with his electric loop pedal. He takes direction, has incredibly interesting ideas, and radiates good vibes.

When you enter the garage studio of Zak St John you must first pass through his barrage of adorable guard dogs, two of whom provided the portmanteau of his studio’s name. Draped with hippie blankets, snares, and a couple of remarkable handmade instruments, Holiver is a cozy haven for people who want to get stuff done quickly and with a lot of laughs and innovative solutions. Zak was a laid back gentleman of an engineer, sardonic and swift, and my only regret in the session is that I didn’t use his legendary drumming skills.


Zak St John — Engineer at Holiver Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Gabriel Wheaton — Fiddle

Olivia Brownlee — Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Song

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