“Bad Book” at The Chalet


A Word on the Song:
After writing this song I realized it said much more about me than about the subject. We are obliged to love the moments when our own art—over which we thought we had the control—teaches us where we are failing at being a human, and gives us clues as to how to improve the quality of not just our own lives, but the lives of those with whom we are in community.

A Word on the Team:
I asked Michael Jerome Moore (with whom I’ve had the distinct pleasure of playing live many times courtesy of our mutual friend, Chris Murphy) who he likes to record with, and unhesitatingly he dropped Will Golden’s name. On this blog we’ve already discussed how much we love a relaxed, homey vibe in the studio (without losing the “away from home,” office feel), and The Chalet certainly flies that banner. Instruments of all kinds occupy the three sound rooms on the first floor…and in the loft we find the console, the machines, and the machinist, hair tussled and looking as if he’d already been there for hours developing copy-brain on some other project and was happy to take in a live band doing a live song. Everyone was professional, proud, peaceful, and I felt the song occupied the priority of the few hours we spent there. Both Michael and Greg stayed after the recording to listen down and make sure they were happy with how they’d performed, and Will was incredibly accommodating, quick, and interested while maintaining a sincerely cool, loving, and detached vibe. Great spot/crew.

FullSizeRender 14

Will Golden — Co-Producer and Engineer at The Chalet, Los Angeles, CA
Michael Jerome Moore — Drums
Greg McFall — Bass Guitar

Olivia Brownlee — Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Song

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