“All the Time” with Nostalgia Media

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A Word on the Song:
My favorite story about this song (and there are a LOT of stories about this song) is the last line of the bridge. Traditionally, the last line of the bridge of a novelty song like this is the MONEY line, and when I first wrote it in 2012 I used a line I knew was a placeholder – it was a little cryptic, it wasn’t very funny, and it was a bit undercontextualized. It wasn’t until 2017 that I was driving down the 101 in the San Fernando Valley and the line that should have been there all along – and which you hear on the recording – charged into my head and almost ran me off the road with laughter. Leonardo da Vinci is credited with saying, “Art is never finished, only abandoned”…I hold with that, and with the fact that you sometimes circle back around to it.

A Word on the Team:
You luck out on the fly sometimes – when I was visiting friends and family in the Spokane area I went to see my good buddies The Hot Club of Spokane, and it occurred to me that it would be a crime to miss this spontaneous opportunity to work with Garrin. Matt and Merilee arranged their parts on the fly, Eugene was observant and I saw him crack a smile several smiles, Brendan showed up song unheard and nailed it, and my parents, GOD BLESS THEM, were about the best sports and hosts a daughter could ask for.


As always, PM me for the contact info of any of the collaborators listed in this blog.

Garrin Hertel — Co-Producer and Engineer at Nostalgia Media Mobile Recording, Spokane, WA
Eugene Jablonski — Standup Bass
Merilee Updike — Clarinet
Matt Henson — Tenor Saxophone
Brendan Cesaratto — Drumkit
Pamela & Scott Brownlee, et al — Gang Vocals
Special thanks to the Rockin’ B Ranch in Liberty Lake, WA, for providing the recording location.

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Song — Olivia Brownlee

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