“The Ballad of Cooper Young” at The Donkey Den


A Word on the Song:
I did a house concert for my friends and built a little tour around it to make some extra cash. At one of these extra gigs a woman wielding a wine glass approached me and said with conviction in her voice: “You have to write a song about my husband.” And proceeded to tell me (while her husband sat with us and nodded seriously whenever I looked at him to see whether she was joking) the true tale I’ve worked to recreate a little bit for you here… #strangerthanfiction

A Word on the Crew:
Blair Sinta totes a bagful of really impressive drumming credentials and lives up to them both in person and professionally. His studio is usually used for creating drum tracks, but when I approached him with the idea of the project he was happy to give multi-tracking this heartracing tune a try (we never would have fit if we’d wanted to do it live, the studio is delightfully tiny). I went first and put down guitar and vocals, followed by our friend Greg McFall on the bass, then Blair on drums. Chris helped us get some really unique drum sounds and worked the mix with us, and then put down a mandolin and fiddle track in less than 15 minutes, creating the catchy instrumental lick you hear on the spot. We were there a little longer than I usually try to be (I like getting in and out within 3 hours and I think we quit around hour 4), but ultimately through teamwork, sweat, and raw determination, the product you hear is something I’m pretty proud of, and glad to have these crazy willings by my side. ❤


Blair Sinta — Engineer and Drummer at The Donkey Den, Los Angeles, CA
Chris Murphy — Fiddle, Mandolin
Greg McFall — Bass

Olivia Brownlee — Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Song

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