“Anywhere I Be” at Woodworks Recording Studio

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A Word on the Song:
I was living in Boston when I received my invitation to Captain and Clark’s wedding in Leavenworth, WA. On the plane ride over I realized I had not budgeted for a wedding gift for them. So between the flight, the drive, and the stay, I meditated on what I admired about their extraordinary relationship, and presented this song (along with a bottle of Washington State’s finest wheat whiskey from Dry Fly Distillery, of course). Thanks to this couple for fighting fiercely for the inspirational life.

A Word on the Team: 
Working with Brent Woods was one of those unique times when we decided to value the project over the budget. Between the team Ken Liebenson assembled for this number, the song itself, and Brent’s dedication to the best performance from everyone, I think we scored crackerjack. I’m so thankful for everyone’s willingness to stick around and dig out, question, and reconstructtheir artistry on a not-uncomplicated song. Sometimes the performers have worked together before, and sometimes everyone is new to everyone – on this day we had a mix of new and old faces, and everyone worked with interest, good humor, and liveliness. Endless thanks y’all!


As always, PM me for the contact info of any of the collaborators listed in this blog.

Engineer/Co-Producer, WoodWorks Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA — Brent Woods 
Producer, Accordion — Ken Liebenson
Drums/Percussion — Jeff Sorenson
Violin — Tim Weed
Upright Bass — Freddie Johnson
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Song — Olivia Brownlee

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3 thoughts on ““Anywhere I Be” at Woodworks Recording Studio”

  1. I love these Songs.

    Where do I go to buy this Please~



    *From:* olivia brownlee [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com] *Sent:* Wednesday, August 16, 2017 3:33 PM *To:* captainron@crlj.com *Subject:* [New post] “Anywhere I Be” at Woodworks Recording Studio

    obrownlee posted: “Engineer/Co-Producer, WoodWorks Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA — Brent Woods Producer, Accordion — Ken Liebenson Drums/Percussion — Jeff Sorenson Violin — Tim Weed Upright Bass — Freddie Johnson Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Song — Olivia Brownlee Become a”

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    1. Hi Captain Ron, thank you for dropping by!

      At the moment the songs are released every month for download exclusively on Patreon. To become a monthly patron please visit:
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      Let me know if I can help!


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