“Ode to the Causeless Generation” at Steinhenge

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A Word on the Engineer: 
Joel and I have worked together in many capacities from music licensing to performing to chicken wrangling, so it was a treat to be in the studio of a friend and cooperate on a project. Since this song Steinhenge has been expanding exponentially and deserves a check-out, as do his many other artistic pursuits: Joel’s Thrilling PhotoJournal

A Word on the Accompanist: 
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Greg now on BOTH coasts, and look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate. His innate groove and the constant undercurrent of good vibes are a treat in any application, but especially musical ones.

A Word on the Mixologist:
(I know what a mixologist really is) I’ve worked with Ted on a previous song, visit that and him here!

As always, PM me for the contact info of any of the collaborators listed in this blog.IMG_1929

Recorded by Joel Henry Stein at Steinhenge
Mixed by Ted Wulfers at 633 Sound
Drums by Greg Settino
Bass, Guitar, Vocals, and Song by Olivia Brownlee

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2 thoughts on ““Ode to the Causeless Generation” at Steinhenge”

  1. NewArt!!! Elemental-ly challenging – face down that big wave – it will break around you, and dissipate its energy on the shore … though the guitar may be the worse for the experience … the shore is always there, if need be, to dry off, rest, warm up, have a bite, recharge … elements all – needed for the next ‘event’ …

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