“Don’t Move” at Studio P


A Word on the Producer: My friend Eric Schwartz, I’ll have you know, is a substantial artist in his own right. An excerpt from his bio states, “Schwartz is possibly the only artist in the history of the world to get raves from Gloria Steinem and Hustler Magazine.” A celebrated juxtapositioner, a purveyor of the best muppet energy on the most incendiary of topics with the funkiest of earworms, splayed on the spectrum of sincerity and absurdity…Never was there such an agony of decision between dancing and catching every lyric. Couldn’t be happier/prouder that such a smart performer not only took my song in stride – booking the world-class studio and musicians, and adding keys and background vocals to the track – but also liked my song. For the love of your personal humanity, call on this cat for a house concert. He’ll do it.


A Word on the Studio/Engineer: Will Kennedy and Studio P were a welcome fit for such an intimate song – tucked into a corner of Pacoima, CA that feels more like Los Angeles than Hollywood, I took in flora, food, and folks in a delicious waft of what I consider my home region (I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley). It’s hard to find studios that are as complete and cozy as Will’s, a great use of tiny space with an isolated drum room and a loo, not so much meant for even the wee ensemble we used for this number but well-planned and executed all the same. A no-nonsense workhorse, capable of telling you when he needs to not be interrupted, capable of telling you when it needs to be done


again and when it doesn’t, and an all-around advocate of good work. Call on Will for your project.

A Word on the Band: And if you’re looking for A1, totally pro, one-take wonders, receptive to instruction and hip to protocol, upholding their artistic integrity while being a fully functioning cog in the greater song-machine…Call these dudes:
David Goodstein — Drums
Phil Parlapiano — Accordion


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