“Maranatha” at Pip Studios

I’m very fortunate that my earliest songwriting influences are all people I know personally. That is why each year I’m going to do just one cover, songs I like written by people I love. Last year I did a song my dad wrote. This year’s cover is brought to you by Bob Marlowe, the Man of Glass. And not only did I get to record with Bob, my parents happened to be in town so they jumped on board as well. Between our shenanigans and the warmth and hospitality bestowed by Deborah Marlowe and Pip the Dog, everything conspired in that La Crescenta home to elicit the comfort and peace of a deeply meaningful sliver of song I have heard since I had ears to hear. Finally, add to that the legacy I felt I was continuing with Bob’s music—which along with my mother’s and David Covington’s (one more influence whose song you may soon hear from me) found its way into another politically charged time when all people wanted was to talk about love and redemption and coffee.

Not much to say on the studio, it was literally a closet, we sang to coats and underwear.
Not much to say on the engineer, he’s my dad, he’s invincible.
We all produced at our own discretion and when necessary.
Bob Marlowe played guitar, his favorite Taylor in an open G tuning.
Scott Brownlee played stand up electric bass.
I sang the first verse and then Bob, Pamela Brownlee, and I all sand in three-part harmony the rest of the song.

Bob Marlowe

Scott & Pamela Brownlee

The Salt Company


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