“Oh Sleeper” with S.C.A.B.E.

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So much thanks to the formidable, world-class, beloved bass player for and collaborator with artists such as Jackson Browne, Stephen Stills, Keb’ Mo’, and Brett Dennen (to name just a few) – Mr Kevin McCormick. Just as watching a master carpenter work is relaxing because you know they won’t cut themselves, watching Kevin McCormick play bass is dreamy and engaging and comfortable – not a note goes by that he doesn’t dig on, automatically giving listeners the room to dig on ’em as well.

When I approached Kevin about this project, I gave him a very rough scratchy voice-memo recording with the A and B parts of the song, and said I’d like to do a choir of vocals with a choir of bass parts, and nothing else. So he took it to his cave for a couple of days and then had me overlay on his creation. It reminded me of gradeschool when I’d draw a few lines and pass it to my friend Jenny, and she’d elaborate on those lines and pass it to our friend Mandy, and this would continue until we had a full-fledged dragon on our hands (and no idea what the teacher was talking about). It was good to collaborate, and opened my mind to the idea of co-writing, of which we may see more in the near future…

In the meantime, please enjoy what Kevin and I (and the Southern California All-Bass Ensemble) co-created – I remarked to him in the process that learning his bass solo in the middle of the tune was making me a better musician…

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