“Rain in the Desert” at OtherHand Recording

A Word on the Engineer/Studio: Jeff Kossack loves chilling out to great music—I suppose that’s one of the reasons he’s part of the Tall Men Group, a highly respected local band in which each member is a phenomenal songwriter in his own right. In the studio as in life he’s affable and charming, just as likely to offer you whiskey as water, and a no-nonsense, music-spewing people-connecter. He worked quickly and cheerfully, was hospitable to me and my friend Therese who sometimes accompanies me as my Professional Audience, and brought good and interested ears to my song.

A Word on the Accompanist: I don’t generally support out-of-house accompaniment; as in, I want the musicians with whom I work to be present and engaged and able to see and hear what, when, and where the music is. In lieu of that, though, I’ll take a musician who works hard to get it right, takes instruction, and delivers on a deadline. Thank you Nick Kirgo for working with me sight-unseen!

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