#39 “The Jester’s Lament” at The Soundwomb

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Recorded & Mixed by Danny Moynahan at The Soundwomb, Long Beach, CA
December, 2017
Guitar, Vocals, Song: Olivia Brownlee
Saw: Danny Moynahan

A Word on the Song:
Every artist needs a coming-of-age song. And every town needs its honest rendering in a songwriter’s canon, especially a hometown. I was born in LA, nor can it much deny me, but this does not a music career make. It’s a bear to pursue an arts career, you reunite with some of your most unpleasant qualities at some of the most inconvenient times with some of the most unwelcome company. These sorts of growth spurts are not singular to career pursuit, or being an artist, or Los Angeles…but they have reminded me that a person can come of age at any age. And if you’re very honest, you’re likely to grow and change no matter how old you get.

A Word on the Collaborator:
I think with playing musical saw comes a tendency to be a particularly kind sort of person. Danny is an accomplished and active saxophonist and purveyor of Celtic music, and happens to bend a saw for anyone who’ll listen. I was so grateful to make his acquaintance and record in his cozy sunroom.


Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

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