#40 “Wilin'” at Wonka Sound

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Recorded & Mixed by Bob Nash at Wonka Sound, Lowell, MA
Guitar, Vocals, Song: Olivia Brownlee
Trombone: Tim Lewandowski

A Word on the Collaborators:
Qualities I admire and value in musicians include the ability to read music, improvise, dance, listen, and smile. Tim Lewandowski embodies all these and more, most often as a trombonist in the greater Boston/Camberville area. I asked him who he enjoys recording with and he pointed me toward a few folks, Bob Nash among them. Sure enough, Bob knows horns, and with a couple iso booths and a couple hours, we all walked out with a simple, delicious finished product, happy it worked out to collaborate.


Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

1 thought on “#40 “Wilin'” at Wonka Sound”

  1. F’ some durn reason, I can’t get this to play! I click on the song link, but no track link comes up! What app did you use to post it – maybe that’s what I don’t have. G



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