Recording Drive [EXPLICIT] at Winter Wonderland!

Whew! Just under the wire AGAIN, but just in time. Here are your links:

The Free One:

Patronize Me!!!

I am one lucky so-and-so. Having friends like I do makes it possible to do this sort of thing. I really hope I’m the same kind of friend to others that I’m gettin’ blessed with these days, ’cause otherwise I have got some prayin’ to do! You guys will let me know, yea…?

A Word on the Engineer:
Hugh McGowan has been a long-standing and lovely acquaintance of mine for some years, but this is the first official project on which we’ve collaborated. “Board-side manner” is something I think I’ve mentioned before, and his is phenomenal not just because he’s attentive, enthusiastic, and mood-lightening – the guy rocks out! Being a multi-instrumentalist himself, while recording he heard all the other instruments he would add to my track (specifically drum kit) had we but the time and patience, and effectively air-played them while we laid down Drive. For which I’m very thankful, since his antics kept me wed to the click-track in a much more organic way. He loves his equipment and devoted himself to a fine mix in a limited time. Thank Hugh. That balalaika is in my car as we speak…
Hugh runs the open mic in the backroom of the Burren in Davis Square of a Tuesday night. Go visit! Hear his OWN songs, which will leave you shredding tissues on the tabletop in a hissyfit of catharsis.

A Word on the Studio:
Walking into Winter Wonderland is more like walking into Instrumental Curio-Wonderland. I had difficulty carrying on a conversation because my eyes kept roving around to all the colors, textures, shapes, and sounds wherever I looked. The engineer’s enthusiasm for odd instruments is matched only by his dedication to learning their individual histories: their age, their makers, how they got to the country, who owned them, how they’re meant to be played. Everything in this studio has a story, and Mr McGowan is a docent of information. It was all I could do to leave the place with a CD in my hand – I wanted to stay and hear ALL the stories. I would tell you more about his recording rack but man I was way more interested in that triple-split-fretboard with the chromatic, diatonic and pentatonic scales bazouki weirdness happening up in there! Call the man if you want to know more about his mics! What do I know!

A Word on the Accompanist:
If it’s rhythm you want, you get it with Maureen – plus sincerity, great moves, great stories, and a pretty face to boot. Really can’t do much better. I said in passing, totally hamming it up because I never expected her to say yes, “Lemme know if you ever want to collaborate!” Maureen Medieros has worked with a shamelessly long list of “I know those guys!” including but not limited to Booty Vortex and Camberville’s own Baker Thomas Band. I was so tickled to have her I forgot to send her the track ahead of time, so the sounds you hear are no more than her third or fourth time hearing the song ever. She’s laid back, vibe-accepting, and a good listener. I am one lucky so-and-so. Hire her. Hire her now.

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