-1This coming Sunday, February 8, please join myself, a couple of camera people, a cast of actors, and The Baker Thomas Band for some beer-drinking, crowd-swaying, sing-along-ing, piss-and-moaning, commiserating camaraderie at the Burren in Somerville! The Essentials:

What: A live freaking music video concert-shoot!
When: Sunday, Feb 8, 8pm
Where: The Burren, Somerville, MA
Who: Olivia Brownlee, the Baker Thomas Band, and YOU! And your friends!!
Why: Why the heck not?? Everyone could stand some cold-weather camaraderie!

Invite lots o’ folk, this is your chance to be in showbusiness and drink AT THE SAME TIME!! Things I need from audience members:

1) The willingness to hold a glass and swing it back and forth
2) The willingness to sing timidly at first, then loud and potentially off-key, but definitely with gusto and fervor and camaraderie
3) The agreement that we all pretend this is our favorite drinking song from bygones past, even though I just wrote it last year…(shhh)
4) Your signature on a list provided at the entrance to the Back Room saying you are A-OKAY with me using your videographed image for my music video (this is quite important!)

If you don’t want to be in the video but you still want to come, DO STILL COME! All you have to do is hang out at the bar behind the camera!

Visit the event on FaceBook for lyrics and sounds (and weather updates), but just bear in mind that it’ll sound the most correct if you just show up and learn the chorus on the spot!

Winter fun drinking song commiserating camaraderie…I am so excited to jam with youse…

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