MSL offering Complimentary Workshops in the Greater Boston Area!!


It has been in my attention for a while now, that in order for Music as a Second Language to further develop I need to still be doing it, even if I can’t afford another plane ticket to another non-English-speaking country.

For those of you still questing for the answer to your what-is-it query: Music as a Second Language a branch of Non-Verbal Education that makes use of a familiar universal language to facilitate communication. For 1-2 hours, I would visit your group and lead us in a focused musical happening without using words. The goals of the workshop are pliable, depending on the goals of your group or class – if it is a choir we might focus more on singing/listening; a dance troupe or class of youngsters might get more movement in their workshop; a classroom of theory students might see more exercises about notation; a bi- or multi-lingual center could hone in on shared experiences. But the ultimate reason for Music as a Second Language is communication and connection.

I’ve had the honor and pleasure now of facilitating this course in three different countries, with children and adults, in language schools, choirs, youth and art centers, for as short as an hour and as long as five days. Participants and observers alike have praised it as engaging, enlightening, and a really good time. My favorite comment from a girl in Austria was “I had no idea how music was inside me.”

So who wants it? Are you a music teacher? A language teacher? A communications teacher? Have a theatre class? Have a choir? Have a multi-lingual school? Are you a youth leader? A grown-up leader? An events organizer? Are you a community center enthusiast? Are you throwing a party? Do you need a teambuilding exercise?

I’m after a resume. Come feed my track record!

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