Life of Pi

Bioluminating is the title of my most recent installment at Thriving and Striving Magazine – it’s a bit of a soapbox, but I try to bring It back around to self/cultural scrutiny and problem solving. Consider this your invitation to click below and tell me what you think…it is often from comments that I get the idea for the next article…

T-minus Just A Few Days

If you are from the East Coast and have time to skim the previous few entries you’ll notice I’ve been away in Washington State for a couple of months. And if that is something you didn’t already know you now have little time to mourn my absence, because I’ll be homeward bound in less than THREE DAYS. A great roadtrip pends – in exchange for some familial nannying, I am coming into possession of my very own brand new old car which my hetero-lifemate, Mary, and I will be driving to its new home in Massachusetts over the next weekend.

Since this is actually a rather auspicious homecoming, I’ll be formally celebrating with a classy little concert thing at the Center for the Arts at the Armory (click for directions/parking). I’ll wear something pretty, and I encourage you to do the same (I love dressing up, don’t you?). Here is a link to a promotional. If you’re a need-to-know info-only type, here are the necessaries:

$10, Friday, July 27, 8pm, The Armory, Somerville, MA.

I hope that gets you there, and that I get the privilege of meeting you there.