“Sugarfree” at Wonka Sound


A Word on the Song:
All this year so far I’ve been doing a monthly “voting” concert where I pass ballots out to the audience and literally have them vote on which of the unreleased tunes I’m playing And fortunately after counting the votes later that evening it seems most of the crowd agreed with her.
It’s funny – I don’t usually think of my songs as feminist statements, but I certainly don’t mind if they are taken that way. 🙂

A Word on the Crew:
I don’t often tour, but when I do I build it around my community, which inevitably includes a passel of wondrous musicians, and this month’s trip to Boston is no different. I have been wanting to record with Tim Lewandowski for years, so I asked him who in town really gets horns and we booked a session with Bob Nash right away. In the absence of a horn band (and a proper arrangement) I recruited our good friend Marc for some snazzy trumpeting and the three of us made up some horn parts in the car on the way to the session.
Wonka Sound is spacious, elegant, and well set up for large bands and soloists to do live takes and/or multitracking. There are several effective options for isolation and large soundproof windows. Bob is a pro and cares deeply about a clean sound on a good track.

Recorded at Wonka Sound in Lowell, MA
Engineer — Bob Nash, wonkasound.com
Trombone — Tim Lewandowski
Trumpet — Marc Presler
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Kazoo, Song — Olivia Brownlee

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Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

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