No Place Special

The weekend is done, the Jim Beam drunk, the music played, the sleep continually put off, the recovery had. I think it’s a great testament to this place that i have no pictures to show – you come, you eat, you drink, you meet, you talk, you dance, you listen, you dance some more… I didn’t have TIME, much less did i give a moment’s thought to trying to preserve these magic moments. I would have had to step out of them to find my camera! 

I got to reconnect with some “old” friends (technically, everyone on the East Coast is a new friend to me, but y’all are getting old, which makes me happy), make some new ones, and share the pleasance and intimacy of music and love with all of them, including-but-not-limited-to some of the finest musicians in the area. And all the while are the spirits of two precious people I never had the chance to meet, and I find myself being very thankful for them. I know I come each year and play my songs and jam my jams and do some dishes and make my bed…but somehow I always feel totally indebted to Papa Ricci and Mama Sue when I go. It’s a feeling that lasts all year long, and renewing it each summer is something I feel blessed to be a part of.


Yup, it’s my church home on the South Shore of Boston.

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