Cory Vallejo (Blind Ear Studios) ~ Recording/Mastering Mastermind

Charles Murphy (South Endustries) ~ Recording Mastermind on “It’s Always Washington” and “Mary’s Little Lamb”

Tony Cimino (Mojo Music Studio) ~ Recording Mastermind on the blues guitar and the folk organ solos (

Becca Meredith (That Red Head) ~ Fully Operational Graphic Designer (

Rick Westrick ~ Jolliest Drummer in the Inland Northwest

Brian Flick ~ The Bassingest Bassist with the Baddest Assets

Pat Cantlon ~ Percussion, Sound, Nice Guy All-Round

Jay Psaros ~ Pluckin’ the Strings of His Guitar and My Heart (

Jamie Brown ~ Sawin’ Like a Sinner on Judgement Day

Michael McGinnis ~ Bard of my Childhood, Troubadour and Trouble-Laugher, Together with Others Who Shall Later Be Recognized. Thank you for lending me your song for this album.


Aaaand…you. ‘Cause without you it’d be pretty silly, really. I’d see less point in it, anyway.

Please enjoy.

Thank you for your support.


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