Marilyn Taylor
School Music Teacher, Retired
Spokane, WA

“Olivia is one of the most talented and creative people I have had the pleasure to know and work with. She excels in everything she does. I have known Olivia since she was a little girl and watched her grow up.. Her talents just keep on growing. It is my pleasure to be able to recommend Olivia Brownlee to all who would have the opportunity work with her.”


Liisa Spink
The Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center
Post Falls, ID

Olivia is a thrilling performer, who connects with her audience during and after a concert. She delivered EXCELLENT outreach for us to at-risk children. The young people connected with her and still pop in to let us know how much they enjoyed the sessions.Olivia is a true original artist. Her original songs are fun and danceable, though she can also rein in the mood with something more thought-provoking when and if the moment presents itself. Her music translates well to various ages: children, teens, adults and grandparents have all enjoyed her music in our space. Her music ranges from Jazz to Western, Funk to Bluegrass, Folk to Reggae, and more. Her segues between flavors, while sometimes unexpected, are smooth and easy to listen to.

I highly recommend booking Olivia to your venue – she is a high-energy, heartfelt act. You will not regret it.

David G. Oliver
Finder of Extraordinary Musical Talent
Cape Cod, MA; Borneo

Meet Olivia Brownlee and experience your breath taken away with her creative music and refreshing vocals and guitar seasoning. With a degree in Theatre and a master’s degree in Theatre Ed along with her pristine stage presence the viewer and listener is left charmed and impressed by this talented young woman.

Olivia is well suited for musical recordings, musical performances, acting, movies and television.

Papa Ricci & Mamasue
No Place Special ( Noplacespecialhousconcerts.com )
Mashpee, MA

Olivia Brownlee
So talented
Keeps your toes tapping
Keeps you smiling
Impeccable voice
Always on time
The WHOLE package wrapped up in beauty of body and soul
If you hire her you will NEVER be disappointed.
She has played at No Place Special several times and we never let her leave without booking her again!