My Your Our Water

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I don’t remember how I heard of her project, but Erin V. Sotak – who has been intersecting art with community engagement her whole career – has been on a new project since Oct of 2014 to generate conversation and awareness about the let’s-go-ahead-and-face-it desperate water crisis. Our lackadaisical attitude toward one of life’s top three most critical commodities is startling! 
Erin rides a tricked-out tricycle around local bodies of water, snapping photos and chatting with passersby, encouraging them to send her their own images of anything water – from Niagara Falls to a cup of coffee. She and her team put an enormous illuminated floating sign reading “MY YOUR OUR” right in the wet, drawing eyes to the thing we keep forgetting is right there sustaining our every move. Check out her inspiring project! And shorten your showers!