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I live and work mostly in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and have been known to make plans for, shows in, and visits to Spokane, Boston, Visalia (CA), Seattle, Athens (Ohio), Alaska, New Zealand’s North Island, Maryland, Vienna, Southeast Asia… Let me know where else I should go!

 Sure do appreciate your community. Three cheers!


7 thoughts on “stalking”

  1. So happy to Have you at LEMIFEST again this year:))))) It’s been too long. Maybe we can rebook the Jay and OLivia concert???? We miss you love paparicci and mamasue 6/16 Lizas’ anniversary


  2. Hey Olivia thanks solo much for sending me your new cd!! Fabulous!!We would love to rebook the Jay and Olivia concert for this season! Please let me know your availability for Dec. and beyond.CD, book release art etc. whatever you want. One love mamasue


  3. Hi Olivia,
    I would like to put a local opener for your concert on Fri Dec.7th. John Beninghof, a local favorite should help to bring in a nice local crowd. He went to school with Jay and also played at LEMIFEST.doors open at 7pm. suggested donation is $10.00.Let me know what you think. I am going to have posters made asap. hope all is well. I know that you will all be compatible for the jam at the end. one love mamasue


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