music guidance

$60/hr (OBO)

via Skype and PayPal

I offer explorations guided by your curiosity into the music information you want to know. Subjects include but are not limited to:

Music Literacy

becoming more familiar with the written language of music, ie: notation, chords, keys, terms, etc.

Jazz and Chord Theory

enhancing your ability to read through a fakebook, for example; learning more about the relationships between chords.

Specific Song Learning

you need or want to learn a song on an instrument or to sing: vocal and instrument guidance.

Constructive Feedback

should you simply want objective ears/eyes on your current project.

Band Coaching

working with you and the elements in your group to bring you closer to each others’ sounds; blending; listening.


familiarizing yourself with the relationships between notes; listening while you sing/play; counterpoint.


voice (all levels)
acoustic guitar (beginner, intermediate)
piano (beginner, intermediate)
bass guitar (beginner, intermediate)
percussion (getting started)


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