Education Philosophy…


I’ve been a working musician since my teens, and I went ’round to Eastern WA University and Emerson College to scoop up degrees in Theatre and Theatre for Social Change respectively. I’ve taken a lot of “lessons” and given a lot of “lessons,” and gotten a lot out of both. I hope my “students” can say the same (if you’re wondering why I use quotes please visit Paulo Freire’s philosophy on education!).

I don’t think I like teaching. I like making things with people, whether it’s music or discoveries. In the lessons I’ve taken there’s been a lot of emphasis on performance, Baby Bird
either for a recital or a convocation or some other means of showing what I’d learned (which, to be fair, I totally enjoyed since I’m not only the only daughter, but the oldest child and a Sagittarius and thrive on positive affirmation and being the center of attention). My emphases, on the other hand, tend to be more on efficient observation techniques, community health, and praxis.

When I work with people one-on-one regarding musicality, I ask what they want – if they want to perform publicly, or become music-literate, or sing a lullaby to their aging parents. Maybe they just want to know how to survive in the wilderness with a guitar. Whatever your reasons for seeking a teacher, let’s make sure we do things right away, so that we discover what our real questions are. Maybe you won’t need as many “lessons” as you think you will.pelican at rest

In money I charge a dollar a minute with a $30 minimum, and $10 extra if I drive to your place and your place is within 25 miles of mine (more than that and we can talk). In other commerce, make me an offer. I’ve traded Musicality for everything from website work to wine.