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Muralizing for Hire: $100/hr

Barter Offers Considered.

Illustrations for Hire: $1/min

Barter Offers Considered.

Collaboration Offers Welcomed.

Demon Portraits…

It’s an odd concept in which I’ve only participated three or four times, but sometimes I get into deep conversations with people about Trouble…Little Trouble or seemingly Insurmountable Trouble. For whatever reason I’d pick up a pen or a pencil and we’d talk about how if this Trouble had a Character, what would it look like? I don’t have examples to show – the portraits are painstakingly personal, and I wouldn’t dare ask someone to share what we’ve drawn… But it’s interesting and seems to help, especially after we draw another Character we call the “Antibody” to the Trouble Character. Sometimes however Sinister the Trouble seems, its Antibody makes it cower in fear. Sometimes the Troubles reveal themselves so incompetent that they don’t even need an Antibody, their foolish appearance is enough to make us laugh and its power is over. Sometimes we don’t know what to do with the Trouble, but maybe it’s just a comfort at least to know what it looks like.

In any case, this service is for hire. I don’t put a price to it: pay what you like or can or don’t worry about it. Our tales need telling, it’s as old as humankind, and I fancy myself a Story-Listener. Use this idea yourself, if you think it may help you or someone you cherish.