“Utah Moon” by Michael McGinnis


A Word on the Songwriter:
I didn’t really know they played music on the radio because music was always being played live in my household, church, and at my parents’ shows. Michael McGinnis has known me since I was a small child, and was consequently one of my earliest musical and songwriting influences (along with my parents, my uncles, Bob Marlowe, and David Covington, among some others). His songs have punctuated pivotal moments in my life, and I recently got to tell him how the song “It’s All Good” got me through one of the toughest years I’ve experienced so far. He’s a phenomenal talent, a deep artist, an interested human, and a bleeding romantic. He will always be young. Catch him for one of his famous birthday shows at the Coffee Gallery in Altadena.

A Word on the Mixologist/Producer:
Russell Wolff talks as fast as he works. A transplant from New York via Nashville, Russell is a speedy comper and a critical listener, makes friends first and cohorts soon after, and rues boredom. Sincere and helpful, happy to go extra miles for the sake of the take and the sake of the song, delighted to make connections and discoveries and to praise what’s great and work on what needs work, I’m happy to have met him through our mutual friend Eric Schwartz and to have placed this annual cover track in his capable, enthusiastic hands. Click the link above to learn more about Krazy Pop Studios.


Recorded at McCoy Productions in Los Angeles, CA
October, 2017
Producer/Engineer — Russell Wolff, Krazy Pop Studios
Guitar — Olivia Brownlee, Michael McGinnis
Vocals — Olivia Brownlee, Michael McGinnis
Song — Michael McGinnis

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