“Rake” at Electracraft


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A Word on the Studio:
Electracraft is in the heart of Hollywood and embodies so much of what you’d hope to expect in an LA recording studio – belied by the dingy exterior, you’re admitted in, ascend the stairs, and the first thing you notice is the expansive smoking area, “for whatever,” as Hal puts it. Inside is not only an open control center reminiscent of something of which James T. Kirk would approve, not only a large-yet-cozy isolation booth, but also a full kitchen and breakfast table. “Sometimes you’re in here a while,” Hal says. “It’s nice to have.” It was clean, inviting, easy to navigate, secure parking, and rather hugely professional vibes.

A Word on the Engineer/Co-Producer/Accompanist:
Hal Cragin took the bare bones of a demo recording and gave them not only skin, but sinew, muscles, and even an organ. His drum samples are some of the tastiest and liveliest I’ve ever heard, and it’s a very rare exception that I’ll even consider fake drums. #veryhardsell The moment we were settled in Hal showed me what he’d already done to the track, needlessly adding caveats about how we didn’t have to keep anything he did ever, and from that point we worked fairly seamlessly together, volleying thoughtful ideas, feedback, candid opinions, and over-the-top humor. He took exceptional care of both me and the song. Many, many thanks, Hal! To the future! ❤


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