Take This Ring to the Hayloft!

Patronize Me!

The Free One!
(This will be the last free download people! You can still listen on soundcloud, but downloads will only be enabled for patrons on the Patreon site!)


A Word on the Accompanist:
Chris Murphy is one of those surprise people in life who mysteriously appear at exactly the right moment and seem to be a complete survival kit of all the things you need. It’s kind of like getting lost in the Rockies and stumbling into the camp of a grizzled mountain man who’s been panning successfully there for years with his mule, griddle, and beat-to-hell coffee pot. Getting the opportunity to work closely with him on his own projects has been rewarding enough, and thanks to his efficient, expert, and excellent work on fiddle, mandolin, bass, percussion, and side-coaching for both me and the engineer, this track is one of my prouder productions. Thanks Murph!!!

A Word on the Studio:
Hayloft Studios is typical only in that it packs an amazing amount of tools into one tiny garage space, and you don’t even realize they are there until you think to yourself, “Man, it would be great if I had a tiny accordion…” and there are at least two suddenly within reach, for example. Cartier’s state-of-the-art operation is a no-space-wasted one, and while you never feel crowded at Hayloft, you can be sure that you’ll never be in want, either.

A Word on the Engineer:
I told Josh ‘Cartier’ Cutsinger that I could be a snarky person and he was welcome to use sarcasm with me (sometimes people don’t know). But Cart is also a gentleman and while Chris and I dashed to and fro making noises and changes, he sat quietly and patiently (and productively), keeping his beloved pug in check and acquiescing to all our mad-hat requests, sometimes even before we’d made them. He was a pleasure to work with, was more on-time than I was, and while often agreeing with me on certain points, was by no means an annoying “yes-man.” A pleasure, Cartier!!!

A Word on the Good-Vibes Dog:
Every session should have a listener. Thank you, Mickey.

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