Switching Tacks

click to listen! –>   Rake   <–!netsil ot kcilc

I wrote something the other day and thought, “Well this is different…” And with the help of Jay Psaros and PB and Jay Records, made it into the different thing that it was. This is the unpolished version. What do you think?


Rakin’ up the coals, daddy, rakin’ up the coals

If you ain’t got fear you ain’t got no soul
Keepin’ to the left so that I can turn right
Gettin’ home to the place where I slept last night
Pullin’ it over for lovin’ on the shoulder
But huggin’ and a-kissin’ never made me no bolder
And who got you out of it, who saved you last time
You never hope, never pray, just explain it all away
Rake it up, whoa, rake it up
Closer, warmer, fill my cup
What comes next I do not know
It’s different every time I go
Sweater on my head in a big back bed
Good to be reminded so I don’t forget
Such a big boom such a tiny little room
Don’t you think we ought leave soon?
We’re keepin’ it still, keepin’ it real
Find it in your heart, just a little part
We’re rakin’ up the coals, daddy, rakin’ up the coals
‘Cause if you ain’t got love you ain’t got no soul

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