Wicked Sick!

Two Saturdays ago you could find me on Johnny D’s stage, as advertised…and then if you stuck around (like new friends Ginger and Al, thank you guys for your spontaneous entouragism), you could watch me open up the Boston Hardrock Cafe’s evening like a confused dandelion, not quite sure how she ended up in the Cool Kid Mountains, but doin’ her thing all the same! Not much later there was a costume change and I mounted the stage with the Jackson Wetherbee Band as the cutsie back-up singer:

(They’re really good.)

Johnny D’s went well, but I admit that I played the new song and got a tad emotional. The CSN House Band was killer, however, and did great justice to the evening.

In short, it’s not every day a little girl from the West Coast gets to play two of Boston’s finest venues back to back!

Keepin’ on, havin’ a wicked good time~

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