Art too stodgy for you? Can’t stand wine and crackers? Don’t get the nuances and don’t care? I bet you’d rather have a big juicy burger and beer from a tap if you’re going to look at some paintings. Which is why I’ve put mine in Stars on Hingham Harbor, just for you because I know you like burgers as much as I do when you’re appreciating art. Six whimsified images from some of my old sketches of ways to abscond dissatisfactory circumstances. The series is entitled “Great Escapes.” I think I’ll ask a good photographer to come in and make some prints for me so I can make these available as greeting cards…

3 thoughts on “Oil-on-Canvas”

    1. Scott, you gotsta GO to the restaurant to SEE ’em! It’s the whole point of collaborating with a venue! If you want, show up on the 20th and I’LL buy you your beverage of choice. Then there can be collaboration AND reuniting. Two birds, one stone, baby.


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