Test Post

Here’s to the first Blahg of the new website design~

And Welcome. Thank you for being a part of my life experience~

And Merry Christmas! (I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but I do – my intention is not to offend, but to be true. Thanks for understanding~)

I’m not yet sure what to do with the old website – Doug Erickson did such a bang-up job on it (for you youngsters: Bang-up means Awesome) – but when I find out I will have that knowledge to share with anyone who wants to know. As to the old Blahg, I’m seeking a way to transfer it here.



I’ll be home in Spokane for a good 8 days in February – from the 17th to the 25th, to be exact. I am in the process of booking some musical gigs, and if you’re reading this from Spokane and feel entitled to a little quality time, it’s very likely that I feel the same way about you. If I don’t call you first, you call me.

Part of the purpose of this trip is to begin preliminaries on the Second Album, some of whose songs you can find demoed on this site under “things to listen to” (my writer friends will please forgive the intentional poor grammar): Cookin’ Tune and Flash in the Pan. I’m gonna try to rope in at least a rhythm section for this new album which will feature a much swingier lineup than last album’s playlist, so I hope you dig.

I’ll be making a second trip to Spokane in June to rock the JACC hot-dog-and-beer style, so stay tuned for updates on that! There may also be a swing dance during that time accompanied by Olivia Brownlee and the Swing Set! Absolutely unmissable, even for double-lefties.

Give this webbie a browse and let me know what oughter be changed about it. And until we meet again, glad tidings~

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